Parti Québécois a step closer to extinction

The Parti Québécois moved a step closer to extinction on Friday when Jean-François Lisée pulled out of the party’s leadership race, essentially conceding that Pierre-Karl Péladeau has it wrapped up. And he’s right: PKP certainly seems headed to victory, despite the fact he has little political experience and is one of the most disliked businessmen in Quebec.

For readers outside of the province: PKP is a multimillionare businessman with vast media holdings. He is not popular with many unionized workers, or with many who subscribe to his company offering TV and Internet and cell-phone services. I’ll leave it at that . . .

As one commentator noted in an interview today, electing PKP as PQ leader shows how out of touch with reality party insiders are. A PKP-led PQ has virtually no chance of winning an election, so Quebecers can pretty much count on the Liberals being re-elected in four years from now, meaning we are stuck with them for eight years at least, and perhaps longer with no real alternative.

Indeed, Quebec has become a one-party province, thanks in large part to PKP, who some feel is largely responsible for the PQ’s humiliating defeat in the last election. With PKP at the helm in the next election, they are finished.

Jean-François Lisée — a seasoned politician noted for reaching out to anglos — was the best man for the job, and he would have made a good premier of Quebec. I’m sad to see him drop out of the race.

— Jillian

One thought on “Parti Québécois a step closer to extinction

  1. Haven’t you heard of the Pied Piper of Hamelin? The old fables still hold. If I were PKP I’d change my tune. But of course, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. This is also true. Unless you are Alexander the Great


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