Pointer: Marriage poll — sexual orientation beside the point?

I’ve done a piece for my Gazette blog on a poll that, apparently, concludes 7 percent of LGBT people oppose same-sex marriage. In it, I speculate that many of those polled, and the population in general, may be opposed to the whole concept of marriage, anyway.

Have a read of the post by clicking on this link, and feel free to comment there or here on it.

— Jillian

4 thoughts on “Pointer: Marriage poll — sexual orientation beside the point?

  1. re: the state of marriage. I just viewed 2 interesting films, The Red Tent & Partition which had marriage as main issues running underneath the story line. It appears that the “institution” of marriage, in my opinion – and I am no expert or academic on the subject – is most certainly something humans constructed for self-preservation as a species. Whether in the end whatever religion or community one inhabits we cannot get away from State(again, Secular,Religious,etc) involvement. My final take on the subject is that it’s all “territorial” because whether we like it or not, all we are, in the end, is another species of animal. Some exhibiting monogamy, polygamy and out right promiscuity. Or as Tina Turner sang: “What’s Love Got to Do with It”

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