There was yet another cowardly, gruesome murder of a hostage by ISIS terrorists today, this time of a Jordanian pilot burned alive, according to reports.

It seems ISIS is doing its worst to make much of the world hate them.

But what’s the thinking behind all of this? Do they hope that we, in the West, will associate their actions with ALL Muslims, thereby causing a rift that would have us deport ALL Muslims and send them into the clutches of ISIS? Or do they honestly think their atrocities will encourage Muslims living in the West to ditch modern life to step back in time in Iraq and Syria?

Most modern Muslims, of course, want no part of a caliph controlled by the likes of ISIS. And, no doubt, many are questioning Islam all together?

I wondered once before, and I still wonder now: Will ISIS inadvertently destroy Islam? Can Islam possibly survive the atrocities being committed in its name?

Meanwhile, we in the West need to reassure our Muslim brothers and sisters who just want to live peacefully in our countries that they are welcome.

— Jillian