John Baird an ally of LGBT people

I am saddened today by the resignation of John Baird as Canada’s foreign affairs minister, and his imminent departure from Canadian politics all together.

Though I have never been a big fan of his party, the Conservatives, I’ve long admired and applauded Mr. Baird for the way he stood up for LGBT people around the world.

Thank you, John.

Good luck in your future endeavors.

— Jillian

4 thoughts on “John Baird an ally of LGBT people

  1. JP. Was he a member of the LGBT community? No fault or judgment here even though not a particular fan when discussing his Public profile and definitely not the government


      1. And yes again. Perhaps one day it will be irrelevant as it should be. But whether we agree to this or not it is “hot-button” in the Public domain. Harvey Milk was not long ago. fyi. Apparently he is. I am not. It is irrelevant to me except in ‘my’ bed. This is for me a case of LALL(liveandletlive)


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