Songs that make you change the station

Have you ever recoiled in horror when the first few notes of a song comes on the radio, and changed stations immediately?

Heart’s version of Stairway to Heaven does that to me. It makes me want to retch, the same way Julie Andrews singing The Sound of Music would if my fave station — CHOM-FM — were to play it.

Fortunately, CHOM wouldn’t dare pollute the airwaves with Julie’s song, but it does play the Heart cover of Stairway once in a while, and I do change the station when it does.

Hey, I know some people like that version, but I think I might be allergic to it. And I’m not the only one. When longtime and much-loved CHOM host TooTall played the Heart rendition yesterday, he talked about the grumbling he heard from fans afterward (yes, I had changed the station, but I flipped back in time to hear his comments). It seems some Zep fans text-messaged TooTall with their protests against the Heart version . . . Like, “Hey, man, why don’t you play the real song instead of that dreck!!”

lol. To each their own.

I bet everyone has a song they hate so much they can’t bear to listen to it, and would rather tune in to dead air space instead.

So, let’s have some fun here. Which songs on the radio would make you change the station?

— Jillian

5 thoughts on “Songs that make you change the station

  1. Country. But I would never knowingly tune to a station that plays country music. I would also answer, anything Rap, but you specifically asked about songs, which implies talent.


  2. I’m no Bieleber. Anything sung by that kid. Drives me nuts! I’ll take his 60$M G650 though. fo*ey or is that f**k-off. Excuse my English


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