Today, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favour of doctor-assisted suicide for people with terminal illnesses.

Opponents to the ruling fear it will lead to a decrease in the quality of palliative care for patients who don’t want to commit suicide. And one prominent disability rights activist I know fears that people with severe disabilities — such as those who become quadriplegic — might opt for the suicide option or be urged to do so.

Surprisingly (to me), a poll on Montreal’s CTV News channel tonight found the majority of people — 57% — are opposed to doctor-assisted suicide.

Personally, I am in favour of it. If I became terminally ill, I would prefer to die a dignified death at a point where the suffering would be unbearable or where I might lose my faculties.

But some people feel we must let our lives end naturally or even do everything medically possible to prolong them.

What do you think? How do you feel about the issue, both personally, and on a macro level: was the Supreme Court ruling a good one, in your opinion? Or should society — no matter where you live — have the right to deny people doctor-assisted suicide?

— Jillian