I’m waving a white handkerchief out the window because I need technological help:

As I mentioned in the preceding post, I am trying to upload videos from my smartphone to my laptop. I actually did that successfully, but then my laptop told me I had to upload Quicktime in order to view them. I am using Windows Vista.

So, I attempted to upload the program, and it made like it was coming in — it seemed to upload some 40mb of info, but no click box ever appeared on my screen to actually install the program. I tried ti again — with the same result.

Thing is , I know nothing about videos. I would like to embed some here and on Facebook. Do I need an intermediary site — i.e. do I have to make a YouTube version first? Or some other type? Or is there a way to upload straight from my smartphone to Facebook or wordpress?

Help . . . damsel in distress . . .

— Jillian

P.S. Yes, I did try googling the subject and came up with some technological babble that was somewhat incoherent to me.