The wheels of fate

I am reminded today of how life can change so quickly and so dramatically.

Last week I reported in my other blog on how the media has been hounding Bruce Jenner, and how that must be affecting him and his family.

Today, the recent media swarming is probably the least of his problems as he deals with the aftermath of a terrible accident in which his vehicle reportedly rearended another car, resulting in the death of its driver.

One report on a site called X17 says Bruce has hired “a high-profile attorney” to defend him in the case while at the same time expressing his “deepest sympathies” to the family of the woman who died.

Indeed, everything that seemed so important to him last week may suddenly seem less significant today.

We all, of course, know how a sudden ache or pain can change our perspectives on things. But a car accident can instantly change our lives, whether we be the victim or the cause. And as someone who drives a lot, I know how easy it is to become distracted, to get lost in thought.

Sometimes the thought of driving scares me: It’s just too easy to make a fatal mistake.

— Jillian

2 thoughts on “The wheels of fate

  1. And as long as they continue to make automobiles into “rolling entertainment centers” it will get even ‘more’ scarier. I guess that’s why Google is getting into ‘self-driving cars’. For me it’s a limo in Beverly Hills. I hate to say this but it’s all f*****-up }D


  2. Bruce Jenner is not being hounded by the media. If he is transitioning, then he is stoking some of the fire himself, to give advanced PR to a “reality” show about his transitioning.


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