I was curious today about why some males choose to be gynecologists. So, I googled the question and found an article in New York magazine asking 10 male gynecologists the same question, and read 10 good explanations.

No doubt, every doctor who specializes in one area of medicine has his or her reasons for doing so, just as lawyers who specialize in particular areas of law have their reasons etc.

Indeed, many people chose their fields back in university or even high school.

But some of us may have had an idea of the career we wanted, but found ourselves going down other paths. For example, I thought I wanted to be a criminal lawyer, but fell into the editing whirlpool by circumstance. Not that I mind: I like the newspaper business, and it shares some similarities with law in that journalists are advocates, too — and somewhat more objective than a criminal defence lawyer.

How about you? Is the career you find yourself in now the one you planned back in your school days? Or has destiny put you on other paths, either for good or not so good?

— Jillian