ISIS: A generation gap?

What is it with older ISIS spokespeople and the expression they are using to refer to Westerners as “People of the cross”?

What exactly do they mean by this term? Are they so out of touch with modern life that they think most Westerners are religious to the point where the biblical crucifix — which was actually a stake (if the crucifixion of one Jesus Christ is true) as opposed to a cross — means anything in their day-to-day lives? How many of you consider yourselves to be “people of the cross”?

It seems some older ISIS spokespersons don’t realize that the vast majority of Westerners these days have no affiliation with any religious organizations, and only a small minority of people — mostly Catholics in places like the Vatican — wear a crucifix.

And much like the ISIS leader who was laughed at by talk show hosts for wearing a Rolex watch when addressing some frightened Muslims in a place of worship, some of the older ISIS spokespeople are coming across as goofy characters in a Monty Python skit while some younger ISIS people are reported to be savvy geeks on social media.

Is there a generation gap in ISIS, with the old guys stuck in the ancient “people of the cross” off-with-their-heads mindset while the younger generation is busy hacking away online?

Whatever the case, the “people of the cross” talk is adding dark humour to a pathetic situation that is going to end with the deaths of tens of thousands of ISIS crusaders, both old and young.

I suppose some of the ISIS old guard see it as a religious war, but the West doesn’t see it that way at all. They see ISIS as terrorists, and nothing but terrorists. And the vast majority of the Muslim world sees ISIS as terrorists who do not represent Muslims.

It’s hard to believe, though, that any young people would get sucked into the ISIS time warp while at the same time watching videos on YouTube and tweeting on Twitter.

The contradictions within ISIS will give psychiatrists and sociologists much to think about in the years to come after ISIS is gone.

— Jillian




11 thoughts on “ISIS: A generation gap?

  1. Comment from Steve, not

    It’s popular to say that most Muslims are wonderful people and only a small percent are radicals. I believe that wholeheartedly.

    But let’s look at some numbers. Wikipedia says that roughly 1/4 of the world’ population is Muslim, 1.6 billion. Lotta folks!

    It’s often said after every terrorist attack on civilians that hey,” 99% of Muslims are wonderful, peace-longing folks!”, and I’m sure they are.

    But what about that other 1%?

    That leaves 160,000,000 (160 MILLION) Muslims who AREN’T necessarily wonderful, spread all over the world. To be fair, let’s assume that most of these folks will never lift a finger against anyone else, ok?

    Let’s say that only 1/10 of that 1% that are actually the totally dedicated killers, the ones who kill regardless, blow up airplanes, chop off heads? One tiny percentage of the small percentage of those who claim to do what they do in the name of Islam?

    That 1/10th of 1/% means that there are ONLY 16 MILLION (16,000,000) potential totally radical, ready to die for any reason, kill you and your family, political/religious fanatics willing to do anything to hurt anyone they are told to.

    Sleep tight tonight in the comfort of knowing that God is watching over you. Only question: whose God?


    1. And I think your arithmetic is slightly off. .01 x 1600,000,000 = 16,000,000. So therefore 0.10 x 16,000,000 = 1,600,000. But it is all in the numbers as any banker will attest to

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      1. Thanks for the correction, you’re right; I got lost in the zeros! ONLY 1,600,000 totally crazy bomb-tossing religious fanatics willing to kill anyone they disagree with!

        Feeling much relieved now! 😉


    2. Well let’s do some more arithmetic shall we. We have now established there are ONLY 1.6M zealots are on earth to give you nightmares. That’s makes the odds 1 in 1.6M that you will die. If you live in North America it is estimated that in the USA there are approx. 400M guns. That makes those odds 400M :1 that you will die by bullets from some wing-nut going loco in a McDonald’s down the street from you. Go figure


      1. I believe the article was discussing religious fanatics and terrorism, not general causes of death in the US. My point was merely that “only a few are terrorists” is misleading and rarely are actual numbers brought up. It would alarm the public and feed Islamophobia.

        In reply to you last comment, however, according to CDC there are appx 11,000 firearm homicides yearly and only a small percentage as the result of a mass shooting. Appalling, surely, but far fewer than via automobiles and other causes.

        The odds you provide on being the victim of either terrorists or gun owners are totally inaccurate. Not sure how you arrived at them. Nevermind, this has been interesting but has strayed far off topic and is becoming pointless.


  2. There are a lot of young people that buy the BS served up by older generations. Just because they are young does not make them any more sensible. Don’t have to be Muslims to believe in BS. The youngsters are just more willing to die for it. Older folks know better.

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  3. One of the key factos highlighted in Jullian’s piece is the disparity between the ISIS view of the conflict and the “western” view. They think they’re fighting a religious war, we’re think we’re fighting the war on terror. If we’re fighting different wars, how will either side know when it’s won or lost? Know your enemy, is the old saying – and you have to beat the other side in a way in which THEY know they’re beaten, not in the way YOU think is victory.



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