On Monday, François Legault, the leader of a political party (the CAQ) in Quebec, proposed the creation of a provincial body that would police various organizations, especially mosques, to be sure they were upholding Quebec values.

Criticism of the idea is already flaring up in many quarters, including in the media. One radio station today — Tommy Schnurmacher’s show on CJAD — held a forum in which a few participants decried the idea as “thought police” who might even find a radio program like the one in which they were participating to be “against” Quebec values.

Of course, the politician’s initial proposal is just one of the many global responses to the perceived threat of Islamization and the actions of ISIS.

One of the participants echoed some thoughts I was having: most religions discriminate in one way or another, i.e. against women, against LGBTQ people, etc.

Personally, I am not against the idea of “values police” if their true function is to nip things like Islamic extremism/terrorism in the bud. And I came away from the CJAD program thinking that it might not be a bad idea if we prohibit religions from discriminating against anybody. For example, a father should not be able to punish a son because he is gay or transgender — it happens all the time. A man should not be allowed to force his wife into religious subjection to him, etc.

In other words, it may be time to stop giving people the freedom to discriminate in the name of religion and religious freedom.

What do you think?

— Jillian