A report the other day suggested that the small minds behind ISIS see their murderous campaign as the start of the apocalypse, as if God condones the sort of thing they are doing.

Indeed, I think if there really is a God that plans to slaughter humans in Armageddon, ISIS members will be the first to feel Its wrath.

But anybody with a functioning brain cell knows that if there ever is an apocalypse, it will be entirely manmade because God, in disgust, would have crushed this speck of dust we live on called Earth a long time ago if IT payed any attention at all to the goings-on here.

We really are little more than dust mites, invisible to anything peering down at Earth. The first mistake of deluded religious dust mites is to think that a supernatural being exists and cares about them.

I mean, as a kind person (as all of my readers are), how much loving attention do you give the dust mites in your house?

Just sayin’ . . .

The Payolas’ Eyes of a Stranger just came on the radio . . . as usual, CHOM has tapped into my mood again . . .

“Is it magic that made you appear . . . You’ve got the eyes of a stranger . . .”


— Jillian