A spring in your step?

Sorry for the lack of new posts here in the past week or so, but I have been posting a lot in my Gazette blog about some weighty LGBT issues in the news. If you are interested, feel free to click on over and check them out.

Meanwhile, the first hints of spring here are a literal breath of fresh air. The temperature in these parts is predicted to go as high as 10C (50F) today — which should help to make some of the white stuff disappear. But, there is supposed to be more snow on the weekend, so it ain’t over . . .

Still, I’ve put away the winter parka in favour of my spring/fall jacket. And I went shopping yesterday for some summer clothes — over the phone.

Sigh . . . I love the spring sales in the Sears catalogues. A couple of new dresses and some platform sandals for me, some new tops for my sweetie, all for the very reasonable price of $145, tax included.

And thus, spring has begun . . .

How about you? Is there a spring in your step these days? I’m hearing people in England had a very balmy weekend . . .

— Jillian

2 thoughts on “A spring in your step?

  1. Saturday near Nottingham, England was lovely: sunny and 15-16C. Nice enough to go to the pub and sit in the garden in the afternoon, reading my book, accompanied by a couple of pints, without my jacket on, until the sun went down and it started to get a bit chilly.


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