As transgender people in Canada and some American states — including Kentucky, Florida, Minnesota, Texas — fight what they feel are transphobic “bathroom” legislation proposals that would force trans women to use some men’s sex-segregated facilities and trans men to use some women’s facilities, the nudism/naturism community may be wondering what the fuss is all about.

After all, many of us see nudism/naturism as asexual, and that belief extends into many areas of our textile lives — including, I would think, the use of public washrooms.

I imagine that many, if not most people who embrace nudism/naturism would support gender-neutral — or mixed — public washrooms with individual private stalls, perhaps with a urinals section walled off from main view.

When I attend swim events with my social nudism group in Ottawa, all the men and women undress and dress in the same locker room and use the same washroom. Nobody thinks twice about it — and we’re stark naked.

The transgender “bathroom” issue doesn’t involve nudism at all; it’s about fully clothed people. Do you feel the issue is rooted, to some degree, in a textile-obsessed world, with all its related body hangups?

I hope to write a post for my Gazette blog on the subject, and would like to hear opinions from some of the many nudists/naturists following here. I would want to use some of your quotes in the Gazette blog item.

What say you, from a nudism/naturism point of view? Can society learn from naturists on this issue?

— Jillian