Disentanglement . . .

That is my word of the night, or I should say, the morning given that it is 1:40 a.m. in Quebec. But, hey, it’s 10:40 p.m. in my adopted city of Beverly Hills . . .

It has been a week of entanglements, following a few weeks of such, and a lifetime before that. I’m thinking I want fewer entanglements in my life, from the various credit card bills and the like to the seemingly myriad other financial crows that constantly beg for scraps.

My partner and I are thinking of downsizing, selling our rather large home and buying something considerably smaller and more energy-efficient — and paying cash upfront for it. With one fell swoop, we can eliminate all of our debts, buy a new abode and start planning for our eventual retirement. Which could come sooner than later, considering the downsizing in the media business these days.

Then there’s my LGBT advocacy writing in my other blog. It seems some people don’t realize it is a blog, which is entirely different from straight reporting or even a column. Mine is rather unique for a mainstream media setting, and I am not sure the folksy approach is working anymore. Thing is, I don’t get paid for doing it — it’s not part of my job. It is a labour of LGBT love, in my free time. I wish I could devote 7 hours a day to it, and do all sorts of research. But there is just no time for that . . .

I suppose we are all entangled souls, no matter how you look at it — both spiritually and physically. For a time, anyway. Eventually, we’ll all be released . . .

Which reminds me of song. I’ll listen to it as I sip the rest (2 ounces) of a glass of Cupcake red wine.

Good night . . .

— Jillian

12 thoughts on “Release

  1. Sounds like someone has a little Cabin Fever and a Vitamin D deficiency! We woke up this morning here to minus 20 C….. again! WTF! Bring on Spring!


  2. Actually if you have ever watched the BBC(PBS) crime dramas – like them more than American fare – in particular DCI Banks(Stephen Tompkinson) “life is a messy business”. Besides solving homicides the principals struggle with “life choices” and all that it entails. Worth a view. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed 🙂


  3. I downsized a few years ago out of necessity. I couldn’t afford to keep and maintain a “real” home, so I bought a travel trailer. I only have about 300 square feet, but it is very adequate for me, or even a couple. It is also transportable, so if I decide I want to live somewhere else, I can have it moved. I have been where I am now for longer than I have had it anywhere else since I bought it, and have no intention of moving unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

    I also don’t have any romantic/intimate relationship, and I am okay with that. Maybe some time in the future, but in no hurry.


    1. Wow! Thanks for this . . . According to the CBS article, Canada has lower standards than California does when it comes to arsenic levels — which makes you wonder about wines produced in Ontario, Quebec and other provinces. As for Cupcakes, I didn’t see any mention of them . . . yet.


      1. De rien ma chère. We don’t want to find any corpses in the attic! Arsenic & Old Lace indeed. “Charge!!” ;-D


      2. It’s called keeping Google off my track. 1984 is very real-deal now. Right on schedule or is that ‘track’ %(


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