In God We Trust?

So, what makes some people think they can speak on behalf of God?

What makes them think they can set the parameters of other people’s lives in the name of God?

What makes them think they can oppress people in the name of God?

What makes them think they can kill in the name of God?

And, finally, why does God never speak for Itself?


— Jillian

17 thoughts on “In God We Trust?

  1. ?!?!?! He does speak because “we are G_d”. Easter + Passover is coming. Bunnies too!! And Cadbury Chocolate Eggs!!! Yeah


      1. But you profess a “Judeo-Christian” background? (Old+New Testament) I would suggest you must check “the Book”. Unless you are Buddhist..Baha’i? Hindu? He has many faces %@


      2. ah..yes. Theosophy. Very eclectic and erudite (my impression). I tend towards the agnostic. This said, if someone tries to lop my head off I will most certainly reach for whatever method which avails itself for preventing the event 😉


  2. Folk can say whatever they like in the name of God because there is/are no God(s) and the charlatans have been claiming things in His/Her/Its/Their name for millennia, primarily to oppress (kill) others. That also explains why God never speaks for His/Her/Its/Their self as there is no “self” involved that is able to speak. As for Theosophy, add that to the list of human delusions


      1. He would be a psychopath if he didn’t. “Believe” me you(we) don’t want to go there. So glad I’m not a Judge. The Lottery %|


  3. “And, finally, why does God never speak for Itself?”

    Because, there is no god.

    God is an invention of man. Ever since homo-sapiens became sentient and communal about 10,000 years ago, they needed gods to explain things they couldn’t understand. As the collective intelligence increased over the eons, man needed fewer gods. I mean, why do you need a sun god when you know that the sun is just an average star that we orbit?

    Once man settled on one god about 2,000 years ago, god became a religious tool. For centuries the church *was* the government, and killing those they disagreed with became part of their doctrines. All of them.

    Lately, though, religious people seem to be getting stupider- and they are proud of it. Too much Faux News or inbreeding?


    1. Definitely makes the argument for separation of Church and State. Not that the State is anymore enlightened or free of corruption and largesse than any other homo-sapien activity; besides it’s the largest business in any sovereign state. It’s all tribalism imo. And we are many tribes of monkeys


      1. Yeah. How did you know? But actually I was really thinking of Darwin’s(IKEA monkey) mom. The best candidate of all. %D


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