Put on your dancing shoes

There are some songs that compel me to get up and dance. And if I must stay seated, well, I’m dancing in my chair . . .

No doubt about it, Little Green Bag recorded by the George Baker Selection is the No. 1 dance tune for me.

Have a listen . . . does it make you want to dance?

What is your favourite dance song?

— Jillian

7 thoughts on “Put on your dancing shoes

  1. My wife is from the states, and when she first came up to the North Woods. We went out to the local (The Casbar in Sundridge) for some drinks and dancing. Everything was fine until Stompin’ Toms Sudbury Saturday Night erupted from the speakers. Every single person jumped up and started dancing and singing along! My wife, who had been sadly deprived was confused. I told her, “It’s the national anthem!” and we joined the crowd. She is now a fan of good ol’ Tom, and understands about playing bingo and get stinko.
    One of my favourite dancing moments, even better than dancing to Ride Sally Ride three times in the same day in Port Dover on the 13th!


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