Cold remedies

So, I’ve been zonked with some sort of cold from hell for the past few days, and I can tell it has settled in for the long haul, i.e. a week or two.

Missing work because of a cold is not an option — which is why I caught it: another indispensable person at the office brought in the virus and spread it around.

I don’t suffer colds kindly: I fight back! My remedy to keep me going at work is to take a non-drowsy decongestant product like sudafed four times a day, and Advil the same number of times.

But there are so many products out there I’ve never tried, I’m wondering if there isn’t something better, i.e. that wipes out all symptoms and lets you get on with life normally.

What do you take for colds?

— Jillian

17 thoughts on “Cold remedies

  1. I have a simple but effective cure for colds. Vodka, OJ and ice, taken at will, with acetaminophen and bed rest. Administer liberally throughout the cold till it passes.


  2. Hot buttered rum. Can add honey,cinnamon,star anise + lemon to suit. We all have our drugs. But if I were you, I would stay away from the pharmaceuticals except Tylenol or Advil

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  3. It’s your punishment for your xenophobic attitudes in refusing to serve pizza to aliens. (I know you haven’t posted that yet, but some of us are as comfortable with time travellers as with aliens. However office policy is ‘time travellers strictly cash.’)


    1. Well, Gordon, my dermatologist — WS, from that other planet (see UFO post) — gave me a prescription a while ago for a topical antibiotic/corticosteroid ointment for a nostril infection. I had lots left over, and have been using it in both my nostrils today, which were both dry and cracked and bleeding. It has been an icky day, to say the least.


      1. 1. Divine punishment for all your sins and blasphemies.
        2. Alien biowarfare for your hostile pizza attitudes.
        3. Pharmaceutical plot.
        4. Divine teaching so that you appreciate wellness.
        5. There is a scientific answer, but it’s long and boring and less fun than any of the above.


      2. And what will you withhold from God until She relents from item 1 or 4? And you claim to be a nun. Twenty lashes for you Sister.


      3. With that kind of attitude, we just raised the punishment to 40 lashes, and your cold will drag on for another week. Have you yet learned not to mess with God/Mother Nature. At this level of blasphemy, you are going to rot in Hell – I mean in an even lower circle than you were already destined to.


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