Yes, I am posting a lot today. I guess I’m feeling a lot better . . .

Because of the weather and a cold virus from hell, I have missed the past two — or is it three? — swim events with my naturism group.

Which is why I am so looking forward to this weekend’s event. We’ll be at a facility that also has a basketball court. I love that game, and will no doubt be playing against a couple of middle-age guys in one-on-one competition.

So, how does playing basketball in the buff compare to playing while wearing shorts and a T-shirt. There’s no difference, really. I will be wearing runners, though. And perhaps if we can get enough people interested, we’ll play volleyball, too.

Looking farther ahead, I can hardly wait to go to the clothing-optional section of Oka Beach this summer. Hoping to meet Happy Bare and some other locals there . . . am thinking a nice picnic lunch, some Cupcake wine, and sun, sun sun! (My skin is snow white now!)

Happy days are coming again!

— Jillian