Water, water everywhere . . .

Speaking of the mess created by our abstract economic system of figures on paper . . .

I’ve been reading reports about possible solutions to California’s water-shortage problem. You’d think it would be a no-brainer: there’s a whole ocean there with water that merely needs to be desalinated. There is an endless supply. Doh!

But, some say, it is cost-prohibitive and government just can’t afford to go that route. Imagine that: some officials would sooner let people go without water than mess with the abstract economy.

Surely if there is a God above watching all of this, He’s killing Himself laughing.

Hey, Earthlings, God helps those who help themselves.

Of course, private enterprise is going to capitalize. It will build the desalination plants, and taxpayers will end up paying for the water one way or another. But how many people will suffer in the meantime?

The water shortage in California is just another example of how government has let economics interfere with good sense. California officials should have moved on desalination plants decades ago, cost be damned. Print more money, if necessary. Who’s to know? Or borrow more. Who cares? It’s only abstract figures on paper. Tangled webs . . .

Happy Earth Day!

— Jillian

3 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere . . .

  1. Both printing more money, and borrowing more, simply devalues the currency, so you end up with effectively less money.

    Desalination only works on relatively small scale.

    If you wanted to show why god laughs, although perhaps ironically, is the human egotistical thinking / disregard for nature, that gives rise to thinking that we can put more population in a state than the water table will support. Uh, no. You really can’t mess with Mother Nature like that.

    Back to the convent to you, Sister Jillian, and reflect on your human egotism until you are more enlightened.


    1. Yah, but . . . more money could be printed on the sly. Who would know? And in the end, what difference would it make? It’s only abstract figures on paper. It’s all one big illusion, anyway.

      Yes, I think I should be Finance Minister, don’t you?


  2. It’s rather ironic that, due to housing shortages and projected huge increases in California’s population, more and more housing is being built. Often there are government subsidies involved.

    Water shortages, overcrowding, unemployment, huge social welfare costs, air pollution, illegal immigration, gang wars… and let’s make room for MORE people!

    The anti-firearm crowd may be right; give an idiot a gun and watch him shoot himself in the foot!

    No wait; California can always go to the federal government for a handout!


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