Bruce Jenner: What did you think?

So, what did you — my mostly non-LGBTQ readers here — think about Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer on Friday night? First, did you watch it? If so, what did you think when Bruce declared, essentially, that “I am a woman, but keep calling me Bruce and using male pronouns when referring to me.”

It seems Bruce wants to delay the name and pronoun changes till later . . . Right after the show, it was announced that Bruce will be the subject of an eight-part reality-TV documentary series about his transgender journey — presumably to at least the point of name and pronoun changes.

Does it look like an attempt to cash in on a legitimate gender transition? Bruce would not be the first one to do that: there are several — at least five — others who are cashing in on their “trans” status and America’s current fascination with transgenderism. But Bruce will eclipse them all, and possibly raise the trans publicity game to almost unattainable levels for others — because, let’s face it, Bruce has the Kardashian machine and the Hollywood tabs and talk shows behind him.

Even the mainstream media in the United States are overlooking the inconsistencies in this case and falling all over themselves to hop on the Bruce Jenner bandwagon. Yes, there is money to be made in Bruce’s gender transition . . . Ka-ching . . . Ka-ching . . . Roll up for the magical mystery tour, step right this way . . . Ka-ching . . . Ka-ching . . .

This post is not about transgenderism, so if you respond, keep that in mind. It’s about the evolving Bruce Jenner story. As a journalist, I am interested in hearing what you have to say about that particular story.

Are you suspicious about motive? Do you think it’s more about making money? Or do you think it’s a legitimate attempt by Bruce to educate people through his experience?

While LGBT people are welcome to join in the conversation here, I am mostly interested in hearing from non-LGBT people. What do you think about it (not transgenderism in general)?

— Jillian

9 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner: What did you think?

  1. Didn’t see it. Don’t care. I think I commented to you another time that his journey would be played for all the money that could be made from it. My official position is “whatever.”


  2. Couldn’t care less about a has-been athlete/insurance salesman’s personal life. If he can make a buck exploiting his current situation, good for him.

    As a role model… let’s hope that a better one will surface. As far as the non-trans/etc. world is concerned, I doubt that anyone cares much one way or the other. It’s all a mystery beyond comprehension and more easily ignored than understood.

    Now, if his discarded parts could be used for a woman desiring them to complete HER transition, THAT would be interesting! A new reality show! 😉


    1. Wonder if he will be as “good” looking as Jenna Talackova.The prurient or is that voyeur in me can’t wait to see the results? No pun intended. What is the female equivalent of the name Bruce? Brucella? Or is that Bruschetta? Ok. Enough of this Porn


  3. I watched the interview. I still wonder what the hell is he thinking? Okay, so he likes to wear a dress or whatever else. Many men like to do that and they keep their male bodies intact. Can’t he just dress and leave it at that? This all is so deeply personal, I have to wonder why he feels compelled to tell the world. I don’t get it.


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