Nudism/Naturism: Birthright denied in Spain

It seems somewhat contradictory: We are all born naked, yet Spain’s Supreme Court has ruled that nudism is not a fundamental right in its decision to back a community that wants to ban a nudism/naturism beach. It’s OK to be topless, apparently, but not bottomless.

Indeed, much of the legal world has overruled God or, Mother Nature, when it comes to nudism because it seems whatever is behind the creation of mankind made a fundamental mistake in our design.

Of course it is madness, and highlights a pathetic patriarchal system that distrusts itself in the presence of nudity. In short, it’s dominated by dirty old men who view the world through their cocks.

In the meantime, they have created myriad self-image problems for women and children around the world.

Sad . . . very sad.

— Jillian

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