With a song in our hearts?

Well, dare I say it? . . .

Spring is finally behaving like spring should behave in my corner of the world. It is time for bare legs and platform sandals again.

It is also time to rescue all the freeloaders trapped in my bedroom, which is on the top floor of my home. I’m talking about ladybugs — hundreds of them — that have been living in the roof and make their way inside rather than outside. I try to catch and release them — I use a glass and a piece of paper — but it is impossible to rescue them all. So, I am genuinely saddened when I find their little corpses strewn about or still clinging to the moldings around the windows.

The problem for me is that I have cathedral ceilings in my bedroom, with windows that extend from floor to ceiling. Many of the ladybugs are at the highest point, naturally, so I can’t reach them, even if I stand on a chair. And there is also a question of time . . .

Which has all got me to thinking in an entrepreneurial way: how about a gentle vacuum device with a clear plastic receptacle and long attachments that would easily suck up the little creatures without killing them? They could then be released outdoors . . . to the sound of music, say, “Born Free,” that plays every time the holding chamber is opened and the ladybugs fly away.

Sigh . . . So sweet, yes?

OK, we don’t have to have the music — it would cost more, anyway. We could have a basic model without the song, and a deluxe model with one of any number of tunes.

There probably is a catch-and-release bug device out there already, but there is always room for competition, yes? Our musical touch would no doubt earn millions, no? Billions, maybe. Yes?

(Do you think I have spring fever?)

How about you? Do you catch and release poor little bugs that get trapped in your home?

Would you buy a musical catch-and-release bug device?

Smiles . . .

Happy Spring!

— Jillian

4 thoughts on “With a song in our hearts?

  1. As long as they’re not the Asian lady bug kind. They bite. Globalization has it’s downside. Broke open that Cupcake it would appear? No mention that the Black flies will be on their way soon! Then I guess not the same sentiment over vacuum. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Then again, the black ones may hatch early this year. Lalalalala %D


  2. I have had good luck with a little Dustbuster…. not too violent for the little ones. Try Dustbusting to ‘Born to be Wild’….


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