Of black flies and summertime fever

They’re baaack! That would be the black flies and other assorted biting pests in my neck of the forest.

Yes, it comes with the turf. We’ve had midsummer weather for the past week, with the temperatures climbing as high as 30C (90F). So, I guess the black flies and company think — as much as a black fly can think — it’s open season on we warm-blooded creatures.

But little do they know that temperatures are about to drop on Monday, with midweek nighttime forecasts saying it could get as cold as 2C (36F). That should be enough to send the black flies and company back to wherever it is they hole up during cold weather.

So, we will have a week of respite from the little pests . . .

Yes, I know they are an important part of the ecosystem, and just some of all God’s creatures great and small, and yadda yadda yadda.

camaroMeanwhile, in my search for a new car, I’ve fallen in love with the 2015 Camaro . . . but that’s another story. Do you think it has anything to do with the warm weather we’ve been having? Maybe the cool weather this coming week will have me thinking practically again . . . maybe . . .

— Jillian

7 thoughts on “Of black flies and summertime fever

  1. Hope so. Thinking “rationally” that is. We know you long for Beverly Hills but big gas-guzzling Detroit “muscle car”, the worst besides a Hummer. So much for eco-friendly positions. But who said we are “rational”. Not to worry, the Black flies will conquer all. 😛


  2. oh, wouldn’t it something to find out, no Black flies no Loons?!? If I have to bet on Mother Nature I will always put my wager on Her }D


  3. Hopefully you were able to escape the hungry critters by doing some skinnydipping to unwind and do on level observation of your loons. As for the car, a peppy cheerful model which would be happy in warm weather . Helas, it would not be ideal for the Quebec winters


      1. You fit into a FIT!?! But in the end in any motorized vehicle it’s what’s behind the wheel that counts!! hmmm for some reason I picture you on a horse nakid! Me, after soo many years behind a wheel I picture myself with a chauffeur. Alas, out of my league %( %D


  4. So, how goes the “Battle of the Black flies”? Come to think of it, how does one battle Black flies besides escape? Doesn’t skinny-dipping only leave one er ..more “exposed”? %O. What is the most effective invention? (Think: how to make a lot of $ solving the fight). Just asking


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