Old MacDonald’s farm

Farm country looks pretty, doesn’t it? The patchwork of farmers’ fields reminds me of a quilt when I see it from a distance.

My partner and I spent the day in farm country yesterday, visiting some friends. As we were driving there, my partner asked if I might like to live in that part of the world some day.

Well, I told her, I prefer the mountains and lake life, but I would choose farm country over the city any day . . . Then again, as we were driving home last night, I reconsidered that statement.


Because our friends live near a pig farm. Not that I have anything against pigs, but my nose may never recover from the farm’s particular odours the wind brought our way while we were visiting our friends.

In short: It stank. It was awful. And it’s an odour that seems to have permeated my nostrils, because I can still smell it today, even though I am almost 100 kilometres away from the scene of the grime. Yuck!

I don’t think I could ever get used to that smell.

No way I could live there . . .

— Jillian

3 thoughts on “Old MacDonald’s farm

  1. How about a ranch(Bonanza)?. Or sheep farm? Or of course, horse? Goats?!?! Life full of possibilities. Black flies unfortunately always come with the territory %@


  2. Yes those pigs are pretty smelly alright, right along with the chicken and turkey houses. Try shoveling chicken manure out out of the chicken house mid-summer. Beef and milk cattle are not nearly as bad but do bring their own issues to bear. We should appreciate those that work in these places to provide us with the many products we consume.


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