8 thoughts on “Doomsday on Wednesday?

  1. “Hope” a powerful word indeed. Or how does it go: “Que sera, sera”. Or “curiousity will kill the cat”? Mother Nature will have the last laugh. She always does and always will %P


      1. Thought you might Like it. They – the scientists, are trying to unlock the secrets of the universe. But the likes of Einstein or Hawking are exceptions. So what they will find is still open for speculation. We are not gods. However, I am frightened that AI as Hawking and Elon Musk are sounding alarms about is the scary stuff. Curiously, the writers of Hollywood and Sc-Fi community have been way ahead of the curve in depicting nightmare scenarios. Who knows? And anybody who says they do I try not to be in the same room with. But you usually have this “gut feeling” to be able to differentiate between who the charlatons and the real deal are. In the case of the Hadron people we got to go with them. In the mean time we need good cold Caipirinha’s as the hot-ness approaches, no? %D


  2. “They” said the same thing about the atomic bomb in 1945.
    “They” said the same thing about the sound barrier.
    “They” said the same thing about the steam locomotive in the 18th century. Well close, “scientists” said that the human body could not survive anything faster than a horse.
    “They” probably said the same thing about fire.

    Even if the Hadron could create a mini-black-hole, it wouldn’t last because there’s just not enough mass nearby to feed it. It would only last for a few femtoseconds.


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