Bill C-51: Why the opposition?

The other day, ISIS reportedly slaughtered 400 women and children in a village. Murdering defenceless people is what ISIS does, supposedly in the name of some antiquated, superstitious belief system that would essentially strip women of rights and make men behave like murderous lobotomized clones.

We all know that ISIS would like to take over the world, and kill everyone who doesn’t buy into their belief system. And we all know that they — and others groups — are prone to committing terrorists acts around the world, especially in Western nations. They would nuke us today if they had the chance.

So why then is there so much opposition to Bill C-51 in Canada, which would give authorities more power to fight terrorism, and to keep innocent people from being slaughtered by the likes of ISIS? Many people say the powers could be misused, conjuring up various “what if?” scenarios. But we could apply “what ifs” to everything in life, can’t we. Sometimes we all have irrational fears. Personally, I fear ISIS more than I fear Bill C-51, and I applaud Prime Minister Harper and company for doing something in the real war on terrorism.

This particular bill is designed to increase the security of Canadians. How could it possibly hurt you if you haven’t done anything wrong?

I’m trying to be objective here. I want your feedback. Please tell me how Bill C-51 could hurt you personally? How will it screw up your life? (No “what ifs”, please.)

— Jillian

6 thoughts on “Bill C-51: Why the opposition?

  1. Because it is on the same level as the US Patriot Act. And once these types of Bills are passed it becomes very difficult to repeal them. Murder on such a gruesome fashion as ISIS may appall you but given the recent revelations wrt the DoD and RCMP as far as transparency and accountability is concerned, we don’t want another Putinville. Just imagine if the SQ were allowed such powers? Granted we have all ready given so much info and profile data to g_d nows who on-line!?! This type of legislation is as important as the Freedom of Expression. And while were at it, when is the line between FoE(is this the correct usage of the acronym?) and Hate Speech crossed? See the PBS Independent Lens on 1971(FBI, CIA) that aired recently. What say yew? %@


    1. Why repeal them? We need to grant authorities all the power they need to do their jobs properly — securing the safety of citizens. Terrorists take advantage of holes in security. And you know there are ISIS sympathizers in our midst.

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  2. But from what I understand this goes way beyond “securing” the border(s). And is along the extreme measures of the War Measures Act or Marshall Law. I am not a legal analyst or for that matter Poli-Sci but when 4 other former PMs and Premiers along with several other respected Academics and Politicos voice concerns you have to suspect. As well, just how do you stop, and I don’t think C-51 can prevent it, the wack-job, wing-nut from doing a Boston or Tim McVeigh who was a former marine? Meaning he was just “an ordinary” off the radar type of individual like you and me


  3. You worry entirely too much about terrorism. WAAAAY too much. Are you watching Faux News again?

    If we, the US, weren’t there “protecting” our interests (oil) and trying to force a form of government on them that they don’t want. YOU WOULD NEVER HEAR OF THE SLAUGHTERS.

    Muslims have been killing Muslims for centuries. Entire villages have been slaughtered in the past and they will do it in the future.

    The West has been at war with the Muslims since the end of WW-I when Mesopotamia was carved into the various countries led by dictators supported by the West. Guess what, most of Islam doesn’t recognize the Western-created borders. As far as they are concerned, they have always been at war.


    1. Agreed. With edicts like this who can take Islam seriously?: Unfortunately no Saladin leads this fruit-cake group or Richard the Lionheart to meet such a warrior. No, just a band of thugs like the Waffen SS. Again, more unsettling theTsarnaev brothers, BC couple or Zehaf-Bibeau’s and McVeigh’s. and our own government with C-51 and “no” border security. Go figure, I can’t


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