The other day, ISIS reportedly slaughtered 400 women and children in a village. Murdering defenceless people is what ISIS does, supposedly in the name of some antiquated, superstitious belief system that would essentially strip women of rights and make men behave like murderous lobotomized clones.

We all know that ISIS would like to take over the world, and kill everyone who doesn’t buy into their belief system. And we all know that they — and others groups — are prone to committing terrorists acts around the world, especially in Western nations. They would nuke us today if they had the chance.

So why then is there so much opposition to Bill C-51 in Canada, which would give authorities more power to fight terrorism, and to keep innocent people from being slaughtered by the likes of ISIS? Many people say the powers could be misused, conjuring up various “what if?” scenarios. But we could apply “what ifs” to everything in life, can’t we. Sometimes we all have irrational fears. Personally, I fear ISIS more than I fear Bill C-51, and I applaud Prime Minister Harper and company for doing something in the real war on terrorism.

This particular bill is designed to increase the security of Canadians. How could it possibly hurt you if you haven’t done anything wrong?

I’m trying to be objective here. I want your feedback. Please tell me how Bill C-51 could hurt you personally? How will it screw up your life? (No “what ifs”, please.)

— Jillian