Nudism/Naturism: Nude selfies

I wonder why so many nudists post naked selfies of themselves on Twitter and Facebook?

Most of the photos are not sexually suggestive.

Au contraire, they just show naturists enjoying themselves in their gardens, on their decks, at the beach etc. But in almost all cases, their faces are clearly visible, and the images will remain on the Internet for years to come — available for all potential bosses and such to see.

So, why the urge to show themselves naked?

Is it a way of thumbing one’s nose at the textile world, and posting the same sort of pictures people in clothes might post? I strongly suspect that is the answer, because I don’t think it is related to exhibitionism in most cases.

For discussion . . .

— Jillian

23 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Nude selfies

  1. I’ve posted a number – mostly on World Naked Gardening Day. I wonder why I do myself, although I won’t be looking for another job – it’s just an expression of my acceptance of my body, lumpy and jiggly though it may be, and the lifestyle I’d love to have (only part of my garden is screened enough so the neighbours won’t be scared. Besides, I was born this way.

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  2. I don’t take “selfies” but my wife will take pictures of me and I take pictures of her, just living. Most times, we just share them with our close nudist friends. Not all pictures we share are nudes but since we do live nude as close to 24/7, as we can, we keep up to date on our lives with that circle of close friends.

    Those I’ve posted on naturist websites are more to validate that I am who I say I am. The internet is full of people who can be whoever they want to be. We are true to our nudist lifestyle and I don’t mind sharing pictures of me and a few of my wife, living that lifestyle.

    As far as thumbing my nose at my boss; I’m retired and so is my wife. When we both were working, she was much more reserved about anyone having any knowledge of our lifestyle. I, on the other hand, was honest, upfront and let those that were interested or that questioned, just who and what I was and how we lived. My boss knew it, his boss knew it, as well as 100’s of co workers and acquaintances on my department.

    I don’t see posting pictures of myself or my wife as exhibitionism. We feel strongly about nudism and the way we live and don’t feel there is anything wrong, weird, naughty, perverted, demented, about it. I think we/I post those pictures to further validate that fact to others and anyone who may see those pictures that we are no different than they are. We just live without clothes.

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  3. People who love big guns post pictures of themselves with big guns. People who love fast cars will post pictures of themselves with fast cars. It makes sense then that people who love to be nude post pictures of themselves in the nude.
    There is of course a number of nudists who won’t post themselves that way but some don’t care. “Take me as I am or don’t take me at all.”
    Something is to be said for each option, it depends on your frame of mind.

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  4. That’s just exactly it for me, Through, most of my selfies are on my private personal FB and not on my pages. However, the ones that I do post are as you said, as if i’m wearing clothes… all natural and never sexual. As an additional note, I always censor my photos on Facebook due to FB’s policy on nude photos.


  5. I think nude selfies are an expression of the way I feel about nudity. Being nude is my clothing and showing that visually makes it easier for others to go naked.
    I view it as nudist pride.
    Nice challenging post. Thank you.

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  6. I don’t take nude selfies but I do have nude pictures of me and my wife. Some of them, mostly mine, are posted in nudist social networks only to be seen by friends. Not at all for exhibitionism but to share about the places we have been.

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  7. It’s not the selfies that bother me as a Naturist; it’s the purely sexual/exhibitionism masquerading as “naturism/nudism” and giving the Textile Public the impression that ALL Naturism/Nudism is about is displaying the genitals in sexually suggestive ways. Why don’t all You Exhibitionist and amature Pornographer simply create YOUR OWN social network/website and STOP pretending to follow the Naturism life?

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  8. I want to add this: why should an employer discriminate against someone at all? Whether the person is Gay; a Naturist; Muslim; or whatever has absolutely nothing to do with job performance in 99% of the vocations in this Nation or any other. Employment should be based on the person’s ability to perform the job … NOT on what that person is/does in their private life (same goes for Elected Officials). I would MUCH rather have a competent President, for example, who is a philanderer than to have an incompetent President who is a faithful husband/christian/etc. If i were hiring someone, i wouldn’t care less if they ran around stark naked in their free time, as long as they performed their job with competence.
    Naturist/Nudist have an Equal Right to express themselves under our Nation’s Constitution. When we disparage that right; we dishonor our Constitution and everything this Nation stands for.

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  9. I speak as a naturist that regularly posts naked selfies and identifies them with my real name, as a naturist of many years I don’t feel I should hide my naked identity and therefore I enjoy posting photos of myself enjoying my life naked be it housework, gardening or hiking. It’s certainly not exhibitionism, I’m a naturist and this is what I do. I’m a big believer in the fact that if we as naturists are scared to post our naked selfies showing our faces aren’t we just proving that we are embarrased? I’m not worried that my naked photos are on the internet, I’ve nothing to be ashamed of and I’ve not had any problems to date.

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  10. To me pictures of myself nude are no different than pictures of myself dressed. So if I’m doing something that I think others will find interesting, I post it. Whether I’m nude or not is irrelevant. (except that I have to watch out for the Facebook gymnophobes)

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  11. I have to agree with the many views expressed. As a naturist and artist I have to express who I am. Posting pictures of myself doing everyday things that anyine clothed do will only enforce why being a naturust is just that: normal.

    Close friends and many of my family are getting to know me. Why anyone finds a naked body as offensive is only because of how society nudity as obscene and something to be ashamed of. Nude is not rude.

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  12. I think it more about being Extrovert or Introvert. Some people just like show off nude or clothed & some people don’t wanna be out there, clothed or nude. & some people think about their pics being forever on the internet. But I do think some people just like exhibitionism. Its not my preference but if they wanna show off just do it.

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  13. Why not?
    If your boss would fire you for being an “out” nudist, then he will probably be a crappy boss anyway. Life’s too short to put up with crappy people.

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  14. I posted some naked photos of myself to the Internet a while ago and by now who knows where they might be. I have since decided to stop doing that, simply because I don’t think nudism should always be about nude photos and I don’t want to invite freaks to my websites (those old photos certainly did). I prefer my readers focusing on what I write rather than what my body looks like naked, even if that means fewer readers.


  15. There are various pictures out there of me naked. I don’t go out of my way to post them, but – as the acting profession likes to put it – if there’s reason and context. I take the view that if I’m not ashamed of being a naturist/nudist/naked person, why should I hide the fact?

    Being self-employed I have the luxury of not worrying about what the boss or co-workers might say, and I can understand why others with that to contend with might feel more reluctant.


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  16. May I add: Exhibitionism is fairly easy to spot. As Naturists/Nudists, we all take it as a given that while practicing such activities we ARE naked, so we don’t SAY “hey, I am naked in this photo,” and such. Exhibitionists invariably DO mention or blatently state “Here I am naked,” and such along those lines. Do Textiles post photos and say; “here I am with my clothes on.?”

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