As Ontario’s Bill 77 becomes law today, some people are decrying it as a loss of power for parents. The bill will ban reparative therapy — also known as conversion therapy — from being used on children under 18 for sexual orientation or gender identity issues.

From what I know of reparative therapy, it is quite brutal and can be, figuratively speaking, compared to beating its victims into submission.

Of course, therapy itself is not being banned. If a child has issues, he or she can still see a therapist — but not one who has been instructed to beat the homosexuality or transgenderism out of the child. A good therapist will soon help a child discover whether their transgenderism or homosexuality is a passing phase or not. If it isn’t, the therapist will help the child accept and fulfill themselves — because, you see, there is nothing wrong with being gay or trans.

Sadly, there are still parents in this day and age who believe in “spare the rod, spoil the child,” and enforce their archaic religious belief systems on their children through the use of canes and such — and reparative therapy, whether done through therapists specializing in that field or their church elders. Yes, children are being mind-whipped and physically beaten because mummy and daddy are stuck in time warps . . .

So, my question to you, for discussion:

How would you react if your children under, say 15, announced they are gay or trans?

— Jillian