A gall bladder attack?

It appears I might have had one, which has landed me in hospital overnight for observation and tests. They might yank it out tomorrow.

So I’m writing this on my smartphone, tapping it in with my right index finger. Meanwhile, I have an IV stuck in my right arm, which is why I will keep this brief.

And to keep the chats going here, feel free to comment on your hospital experiences. Ever have a gall bladder attack?



22 thoughts on “A gall bladder attack?

  1. Sorry to hear that, Jillian. but it’s not really a big deal. Some change in diet, maybe, but you can handle it! Lost mine a year ago and am still doing ok. Thank your favorite gods that something can be done about it other than simply, uh, dying? 😉

    Just ease off on the fats, and everything else you enjoy!


  2. Indeed I did a few years ago and it hurt like hell !! Had scope surgery 2 weeks later and a minor complication kept me over night in the hospital. Low fat diet kept me pain free till the surgery. Takes a couple weeks to get over the soreness !! Best of luck to ya kid !! 🙂


  3. Yup … same here. Had a couple of attacks and the last one was a doosie! I had the less evasive surgery and was in in the morning and out that afternoon. No problems, no real change in diet but just have to be a little more careful of how much of it you eat.

    I drink whiskey and I drink wine and I have not had any issue with either … but not everyone’s the same. Experiment slowly and in small doses to see what changes you may have to institute.

    Be well! 😉


  4. As an Official Medical Person, I send you many hugs. GB & treatment thereof not fun, but not as bad as years ago.

    Had an attack of gout a while back. While not as bad as “they” say, was not fun. Was more indignant that I got such an 18th century disease, when we all know I was raised in the 19th century.

    Don’t worry, in no time, you’ll be up and out of bed, and back on your back on your back in bed. (Yes, bad and lascivious pun intended.)


      1. BTW, what-the-heck is Cupcake Wine? Is that a brand? Wine made from cupcakes? Cupcakes made from wine? Or it is just that you are such a cupcake, any wine you drink is sweeter?


  5. I had a gall bladder infection over 20 years ago. It was excruciatingly painful and put me in hospital for a week on intravenous antibiotics. The NHS said that they would remove my gall bladder by keyhole surgery. About 18 months later they wrote asking if I still wanted the surgery. As I’d had no further bother with it I said not, so I still have my gall bladder, stones and all, and it hasn’t bothered me since. I don’t keep to a low fat diet, and I enjoy my wine.


  6. Out, out damned bladder of gall.

    Seriously, I ignored mine and wound up with a toe tag.
    Really. My gall bladder was obstructed and finally, literally burst. And the digestive juices inside began doing what digestive juices do. Down went Stephen.

    So, most of my pancreas is gone, leaving me a permanently insulin-dependent diabetic (type 3C for you medical readers). I take up to 30 pills a day to replace the enzymes from the pancreas. My stomach was ulcerated from the outside which required me to be fed through a duodenal tube for more than a month while it healed. I could identify the J-tubes draining the surgical wound. I was down to 170 pounds (wish I could have kept that). My hair turned white.

    When my wife finally went home to rest, she got a phone call from the ICU to come back to visit me as they didn’t think I would survive the day. When she arrived she said I was the Pillsbury Dough Boy. The doctors were adding fluids to keep my blood pressure up (I learned a new term later – 40 over palp), and I had a tracheotomy breathing for me. (She said my balls were the size of grapefruits – I am sure glad that I was unconscious). My wife saw a toe tag clipped to my bedside chart.

    In recovery I was on and off the ventilator, had an opening in my belly that a football could pass through. One student nurse was shocked as she exclaimed “My god, I can see is heart beating” through the open wound. (It was the pericardial sac). I was hospitalized from September to January and needed physical therapy to learn to walk again. I went home with a vacuum pump attached to the still-open wound, and daily nursing visits for three more months. The pump was supposed to promote faster healing.

    So the toe tag wasn’t needed.
    And when the surgeon went back in to clean up the damage, he removed what was left of the gall bladder.

    For years afterwards, I kept getting infections in the bile duct that required stents. That meant an ERCP every six months. (I won’t describe the ERCP here, but it is most unpleasant).

    And through it all I went partially deaf from the huge load of antibiotics I was given after contracting a pseudomonas infection in the first hospital. (But I did get a private room for the remainder of my hospitalization).

    There is a moral to this gruesome story.

    If your doctor recommends removing the gall bladder. Do it. Don’t wait. Ironically mine had been scheduled for removal before all this started. The hospital (a different one closer to home) called my wife asking why I didn’t keep my pre-surgery appointment. She finally had something to laugh about.


      1. Yep. 2nd that. I almost had Steve’s episodes had they not removed it asap. Fortunately they caught the situation ‘before’ the dam broke. Scary stuff. So I would pursue the “get thee out” route, and perhaps insist on it if they give you any guff about “it should stay put” until a more convenient(for them) time, or any other plausible reason that sounds sane. If they know anything about GBs they should throw yours in that bin they have. Then, unless you are developing problems with the major organ(liver), and we pray you do not, it shall be Cupcake time again!! Good luck! Keep us Posted :*


      2. By the way, the gall bladder is a leftover organ from evolution. It was useful when it could be days or weeks between meals as it provided a supply of digestive juices faster than the pancreas could deliver the same.


      3. And to think with Jurassic World Mr. Spielberg is trying to get back there!! I suppose his bank account needs topping up %D


  7. Oh no! I hope you’re soon feeling better. We’ve both had more than our fair share of hospitals!



  8. Oh Jillian! It will be fine. My mother had her gall bladder out and lived a full and happy life. You got it just in time. Good Luck and keep your spirits high. (some one sneak in a glass of ‘Barefoot’)


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