Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering?

My g/f spotted a weird rainbow-like ring in the sky yesterday. She snapped a picture of it.

I’ve seen these types of rings before, but always thought they were something natural, i.e. a circular rainbow?

Then, last night, I came across a tweet on Twitter talking about SAG — stratospheric aerosol geoengineering — reportedly designed by NATO to cool the Earth, and that the “halos” I have seen are becoming more common.

It seems, according to the source of the tweets, that “we are spraying our skies with toxic metal to reflect the sun and cool the earth.”

Say what?

What do you know about this? Check out the photos below. Have you seen these halos? Do you think there might be adverse health effects?

10 thoughts on “Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering?

  1. So if Monsanto messes with the plants what do you expect from the MIC(MiltaryIndustrialComplex). In the end the St. makes money. Certain Liabilities are too great to absorb %(


    1. I’ve been doing some research. Articles suggest this is still in the theoretical stage. But some people feel nations have moved forward with it, and that because it is so simple and not very costly, just about every nations could do it, and would cool the planet. However, if the program is stopped, temperatures on the planet would soon rise very quickly, causing all sorts of problems.


  2. Wow, do you actively search Faux News for fake conspiracy theories?

    First all rainbows are a circle. When the sun is at an angle of 42° from your position and there is moisture in the air, usually rain, you get a rainbow. If the sky behind it is dark you may also see a secondary rainbow at 53°. The reason you don’t see a circular rainbow on the ground is because there is a planet in the way.

    But what your images show is a circumhorizontal arc. This is light refraction through high altitude ice crystals rather than water droplets.

    Lee Oswald acted alone and yes, we did land men on the moon six times.


    1. Shell is starting drilling very soon at Chukchi Alaska. Possibility of another Deepwater Horizon. There is no way to clean it up there. I kid you not %\


  3. Sun or moon halos are naturally occuring events. But look closely at the con trails left by high altitude aircraft. When I was a kid con trails dissipated quickly. Now the expand to make silver-gray clouds. Solar Radiation Management is alive and well. I have watched planes spraying as I flew from Miami to New Orleans. I have watched spraying operations over the Bahamas, and all over the U.S. as well. Take more than a brief look at Trust your own eyes and not the government.


    1. Since you were a kid, airplanes are flying higher and faster using more efficient engines that operate at higher temperatures than when you “were a kid”. And there are a lot more jets flying, so of course you will see more contrails. They aren’t “spraying” anything.

      These tin-foil hat people approach science, natural phenomena, logic and fact with stunningly medieval thinking. It’s as valid as claiming leprechauns make rainbows. Their stupidity is stunning.


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