Self-diagnosis through social media

Self-diagnosing symptoms on google can be helpful, but I bet the practice leads to a lot of worry over worst-case scenarios. When I started having bizarre symptoms on Monday, the first subject I looked up was appendicitis. Yup, the symptoms described matched mine, and it said they could be fatal – so off I went to hospital.

Little did I know that gall bladders can freak out big time. And if it weren’t for Steve telling us about his gall bladder disaster, I might have been inclined to talk the doctor out of doing surgery now that the symptoms have largely subsided.

My gall bladder is not normal, the docs are saying. And they suspect it has given me a case of hepatitis.

So thanks to  google, my readers here and the docs, I might live to drink Cupcake wine again, though I suspect I will have to drink very moderately.



8 thoughts on “Self-diagnosis through social media

  1. At the expense of sounding trite. as the old saying goes: “you have your health and you have everything”. We take so much for granted, we really do…until Cupcakes are taken away. It won’t be!! Since liver is fine when GB in the trash not to worry about your Cupcakes dearie %D ;-D


  2. Self diagnosis through social media can be a real PITA for doctors … but, I’ve known many friends and family that have used the internet to diagnose themselves or someone they knew and spoke up about what they felt they had and have the doctor roll their eyes, check the patient further and then turn red with embarrassment because “they” didn’t diagnose or catch the illness/injury.

    You did right by being concerned and going to the hospital … and I’m here to attest to the fact that I didn’t need to give up cupcakes or Cupcake Wine because of my gall bladder being removed. I had to curtail my intake of both because of my diabetes!

    Recover well and enjoy your cupcakes and the Cupcake Wine! Got a favorite CC wine?


    1. I love google. It makes people worry for no reason, then they come see me, and I get paid to do nothing – except for having to argue with those who know they are right because they read it on google.

      To date, the number of times someone has brought in something that they read on the internet, that is actually valid, and that I hadn’t already thought about is, rounding off to the nearest 20 decimal places… zero, zilch, nada.


      1. So kitschy! But if it works for you!?! And in this case it will be quite the reward. The perfect foil to glasses of Cupcake. Enjoy asap. G_d speed. You won’t miss GB one bit. As Steve said, “prehistoric”. And definitely a bummer when it comes to Red Velvet. PS. My sin is French Silk pie…ooohhh %D


  3. Feel better soon, Jillian… I have gallstones.. 2 1/2 yrs ago I was put on a very strict absolutely NO FAT diet…. I had to lose weight too… then they wanted to do surgery… I’ve only had 2 attacks since the time I was hospitalized… haven’t had the surgery yet… but will have to…. Sorry about what you are going through… but you will be OK! Keep us informed…


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