36 thoughts on “Deed is done

  1. I wonder if your GB had anything to do with the nasty cold you had back in March. Body was preparing to fight so body was more susceptible to bug? In any case, now remember, no you are not supposed to take it home with you in a bottle filled with formaldehyde so you can toast it’s demise with Cupcake. At least I wouldn’t. Cupcake yes, bottled GB on the fireplace mantel not. You sound in good spirits! Cheers!


      1. Something to brighten your return home! I’d make you some but actually maybe your significant other will pick-up on the recipe. They should definitely go well with the wine. And assuage your worry about post GB diet regime. Especially if GB is no longer in you! As Steve pointed out a rather archaic piece of evolution. It will be piece to know that no corrosive liquid will be flooding your innards dissolving them!! But we still have that other mysterious appendage left. Enough! Enjoy!!:




  2. Welcome to the club! Actually, you’ll probably never miss it. Read up on foods to ease off on and then ignore the advice! Any digestive problems will be obvious and easily dealt with, but are unlikely. You may find eating smaller meals more often is useful since things aren’t quite right down there, but the alternative to removal can be gruesome…

    And hey, you just lost a half pound without dieting! đŸ™‚


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