6 pounds and counting?

That’s how many pounds I seem to have dropped now that most of the gas and constipation following surgery have cleared out, though I still have something of a bloated belly.

Of course, that’s morning weight, before breakfast. After two pancakes, coffee, milk and orange juice, I’m back up a couple of pounds.

Real numbers: 146.5 pounds before this all began last week. 140.2 before breakfast this morning. 142.5 this afternoon. (I’m 5’10”)

I expect I will lose another 5 pounds or so now that I have to eliminate fatty foods (i.e. tasty foods) from my diet, according to my g/f. I might as well re-enter the convent . . .

So, the moral of this story: If you want to lose weight in a hurry, have your gall bladder removed.


Speaking of excised body parts, I wonder what they did with my used gall bladder. Will they recondition it and try to sell it in a used body parts lot somewhere — like they do when you trade in your old car for a new one at the car dealership?

Smiles . . .

Since it was mine, I wonder why they didn’t offer to let me bring it home afterward? Maybe because I didn’t ask?

— Jillian

10 thoughts on “6 pounds and counting?

  1. Sadly, post-illness weight-loss comes right back on afterwards (I speak from experience, although thankfully not a g.b. attack). Changing your diet will help. Don’t forget to drink lots of water. The “8 glass” rule is a myth, but lots of water is good.


      1. You’re cute when you sulk.

        One can learn to cook low fat, yummy dishes. Of course, that would involve learning how to cook. Start with something simple, like boiling water. Hahahahaha.


      2. If you were as enlightened as you claim, you could live on boiling water, which you would be able to eat with a knife and fork. Clearly spending too much time in this life drinking Cupcake Wine, eating cupcakes, and eating your darling cupcake. Bad Shaolin! No nirvana for you.


  2. Did they specifically tell you, you had to change your diet? When they removed mine no problems whatsoever with diet!! And they did not tell me not to cut back on certain food groups. Enjoy! As far as your GB they go into the bio-haz-bin or Pathology if they find anything interesting. imo, you’ll be far better off now unless complications ensue. When do they follow-up? Are they going to follow-up?? That’s a bingo, my dear ^*


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