“A working-class hero is something to be . . .
But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see.”
— John Lennon

People in Western nations tend to be living longer these days, a fact not lost on the bean counters in the Quebec Liberal party, apparently.

They’re proposing to increase the age you can retire and draw pension benefits, thereby putting more tax dollars into Quebec’s coffers.

It was one of the proposals coming from this arrogant party — which has formed a majority government — at a policy convention over the weekend, while people opposed to their other controversial austerity measures protested outside the convention centre. Anti-austerity protests are regular events in Montreal.

The Liberals have shown their true colours with the retirement proposal, and citizens should take note. The Liberals seek to enslave its population longer and wring every penny possible out of it while giving less back in return.

Government officials with any compassion — and conscience — at all would be doing the direct opposite: they would be finding ways to enable people to retire earlier, say, by 55.

And they would find other ways to raise revenues. Quebecers already pay the highest income taxes in North America, and now this Liberal government wants to make them pay longer. And they’re talking about raising taxes of various services.

This government is obsessed with supposedly balancing the books, with no care at all about how they are decreasing the quality of life for the citizens. So what if you have less money to put food on your table? It means nothing to the fat cats in the Liberal party.

Indeed, the Liberals have once again shown they don’t care about the average citizens of Quebec. They’re capitalists through and through.

Shame on them.

— Jillian