Advil: In praise of a wonder drug

When it comes to painkillers, Advil (ibuprofen) rules most of the time — for me. Other over-the-counter painkillers like Aspirin and Tylenol just don’t work.

And Advil is outworking a popular prescription painkiller I purchased after surgery last week: PMS-Oxycodone. The latter has been totally ineffective — a complete waste of money.

Most of the pain from the surgery site has passed. But I started experiencing excruciating pain in my right shoulder and neck area, along with my right arm on Saturday night. The right arm was the main pin cushion during my medical adventures last week: that’s where they hooked up the IV, and they stuck painkilling injections in my right shoulder. I also suspect that I’ve pulled muscles there.

Saturday night, I swallowed an Oxycodone pill to deal with the pain — and I was awake all night, suffering. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any other painkillers until that useless little pill had run its useless course.

Sunday afternoon, I took a couple of Advils and, presto!, the pain was gone. So, it will be Advil to the rescue until the painful side effects of the surgery have passed (though, I will be discussing this with the doctor later this week).

I’ve also found Advil to be effective in dealing with toothaches and many other ailments.

How about you? What over-the-counter medications deliver you from the evil of pain?

— Jillian

6 thoughts on “Advil: In praise of a wonder drug

  1. I have chronic back pain. I also have pain and swelling of my right knee and right shoulder pain, all from injuries I sustained during my career as a firefighter. I have been prescribed several different painkillers… and you’re right, nothing seems to work as well as Advil. I usually wait too long before taking them and then I need relief quickly, so I take Advil Gel Caps and they work quickly and they always take the pain away.


  2. I alternate between Tylenol and Advil. Tylenol works fast on me, but over time it is toxic. Your body develops a tolerance to Advil so you have to take three or four pills to do the same pain relief as two once did.


    1. There is no pain around the wound, no symptoms that the surgery has had complications. There is simply arm and muscle pain. If it’s still there on Thursday, I’ll tell the doc about it.


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