Learning to eat again

Or more likely, learning to live on a starvation diet now that my gall bladder and I have parted ways.

The rule of thumb, according to nutritionists on the web, is that gall-bladder-disabled people must watch the amount of fats they consume, with 3 percent being the benchmark number.

So, I have been touring the supermarket, checking out the fat content on various products. Sad to say, there is a lot of yummy food I won’t be eating anymore, such as breaded fish and chicken products, pizza, chocolate, most pies, and on and on it goes, all of which have fat content far above and beyond the 3-percent ceiling . . . It’s downright depressing.

The only milk that meets the criteria is a 1% offering, which I used to scowl at. Now I have three litres of it in my fridge, though I am keeping the whole milk I already had for my coffee.

The thing is, I cannot eat like I used to, and I will so miss greasy french fries, the cheesy vegetarian pizza we use to have at my friend Ted’s house, and so much more. I can’t even eat a freakin’ donut without fear of making my innards go berserk somehow. It’s come down to tea biscuits for me. (I’m far too young for them!)

Meanwhile, for the first time since 2007, my weight dipped below 140 pounds, to 139.5 this morning. That makes seven pounds I’ve lost since my medical misadventure began — and I’m not even dieting. It’s obvious to me that I will never regain that weight, and will probably lose another 9.5 pounds before I level off. I don’t mind weighing 130: that was my weight from high-school days right into my 50s, when I finally started to gain some — to a high of 148, but averaging 146.

Maybe I’ll become the new Twiggy model . . . I dunno.

Still, none of this has affected my shoe size, and when a girl is depressed, one way to cheer her (i.e. me) up is to take her to Sears — which just happens to be having a sale on summer shoes right now! So there I was today, indulging in shopping therapy. And I don’t have to worry about the fat content in my sexy new platform sandals!

— Jillian

P.S. I haven’t had a drop of wine since this all began, but I won’t be banishing it from my life. I’ll get back to the California samplings soon. (We tried a Woodbridge wine a couple of weeks ago; it was awful. I think it had gone bad, so we need to try another bottle before I can comment fairly.)

9 thoughts on “Learning to eat again

  1. aloha jillian….. hope i find u well…. sorry to hear about your recent medical procedure and situation….. i have health care, and it is free, for the first time in 20+ years, thanx to the ACA(affordable care act) which the republicans still want to overturn, and have been going for echoes and ultrasounds and colonoscopies and various other tests to see if i am still alive….. plus had to recently say aloha to my 17+ year old dog, so a few recent changes…. enjoy this new sojourn… be well and stay healthy….. discover new, vegetarian(vegan) and healthier foods…. love and aloha from the north shore of maui….


  2. I don’t understand all this!? Has your Doc or whoever registered healthcare “professional”(nutritionist), not the Net, directly forbidden you to eat certain food items? I can understand maybe not wishing to eat certain foods because the Op was only last week, but in the long term will a “diet” be imposed or adhered to until Happy Hunting Grounds? Confused. No GB and no diet after 15 years – %@


      1. Yep! And as I reiterate I was not put on any diet after it went into refuse bin. That’s the thing, unless my guy knew(he must have he removed the bugger) things I don’t you would think that fats,spicey,etc were nono. But nada! Very grateful, very! Because I luv it all+beer. >15yr and counting. Hope it’s the will be the same for you, love :*


      2. Yes, but surgeons are not nutritionists. Anyway, I will take it slowly, educate myself, and eat and drink moderately with a view to keeping the fat content as low as possible.



      3. imo. Isn’t it nice to know the body will certainly let you know. And your bod from what I understand has served you well. In any event, we’re sure you will keep us up-to-date on it’s journey. Hoping for all the enjoyment you get in the end ^)


  3. You poor thing! Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it seems. Yes, for many folks some dietary limits are in order, but not always (as gth007 said). However, it behooves you to be cool until you find out what YOUR system can tolerate. Everyone reacts differently.

    Once things settle down a bit you may need to make a few adjustments, but it’s really no big deal. You’ll get used to 1% or 2% milk, and go easier on the cheese and fats maybe. Your body will tell you. It’s not gonna kill you; you may just find that some things don’t agree with you, that’s all. Like eating too many tacos!

    Some things don’t digest as easily without the gall bladder, that’s all. When functioning, it adds digestive stuff ‘on call when you eat. Without a GB, you have a small trickle all the time that doesn’t ramp up when food arrives so things get mucked up a bit, that’s all.

    Smaller portions more often (grazing) tends to work better than what used to be a full meal. Actually, that’s supposed to be the best way of eating anyway!

    Don’t sweat it, ok? You’ll be fine!


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