Firefox or Chrome?

I’ve been using Firefox on my laptop at home since 2008, but lately it has become pretty unreliable — freezing up, crashing etc.

So, I’ve started using google’s Chrome, and it seems to be faster and more reliable.

As for Internet Explorer, not a chance!

How about you? What browser do you use?

— Jillian

7 thoughts on “Firefox or Chrome?

  1. I have been using Chrome64 with a Firefox add on. If one will not work the other does. There will not be an Internet Explorer in Windows 10 Microsoft has a new browser from then on. The Firefox add on for Chrome is pretty slick. You just click a small icon and the web page you are on opens in Firefox.


  2. It’s because of Adobe Flash Player(Shockwave) plugin that has to be updated regularly for FF. Chrome is done automatically. Tools>Addons>Plugins>Check for Updates. FF has not been doing well lately because it’s updates are leap-frogging ahead of Adobe. Has to do with Google being Google+Adobe and FF being OpenSource. I would stick to Chrome for awhile. Isn’t as customizable vs FF but in the end it’s what doesn’t bork your Net connectivity %0


  3. I have several browsers on my system because when I update my web pages I want to see how the various browsers render the page.

    But my personal, main browser, is Chrome.

    Here’s why. My phone is Android and I have the Chrome app on my phone. My calendar is in the Chrome cloud and I can access it from any Chrome browser and the Chrome app on my phone. All of my contacts on Chrome will synch with my phone.

    Some of the extensions I use daily are Roboform Everywhere so I only have to remember one password. Anywhere. Mighty Text so that I don’t need to find my phone to make or reply to a text message (I can do it from my PC).

    Speed of a browser is not that relevant if your PC is otherwise working properly. You are mostly at the mercy of your Internet connection speed. I mean, what’s the difference if a page renders in 150 milliseconds or 130 milliseconds?

    Customizable? What would you want to customize? My daughter has FireFox (and she hates it) with her favorite cartoon character as the wallpaper and three different plug-in address bars. My Chrome is simple. One address bar and one bookmark bar and the rest of the screen is for the web content.

    BTW, all browsers are resource hogs. I don’t have a browser on my editing PC for that reason.


  4. I have both Chrome and Firefox on my new laptop and on my desktop, but Chrome only on my old laptop, which is loaned to a friend. Firefox got too cumbersome for my old laptop, which is over ten years old, so I deleted it.

    I use Chrome for most things, but I use Firefox for searching and to go to sites that don’t want to open properly in Chrome.


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