Uh-oh: The days are getting shorter

Now that the sun has set on the Summer Solstice, the days will be getting shorter — in terms of the amount of daylight we’ll be getting as we march toward the, er, Winter Solstice.

Yes, this is one of the depressing things about June 22, which has already dawned in most of the world.

It serves as a reminder of just how fleeting summer is. In this part of the world — in the mountains of Quebec — we’ll start seeing the first hints of autumn by the third week of August.

So, do the math . . . it’s depressing, isn’t it.

Which is why I really must get moving to California!

— Jillian

8 thoughts on “Uh-oh: The days are getting shorter

  1. Be careful “what you wish for” my dear. No precious H20 out there. And when they do get it you better have a good boat. Oh yeah, you’re gunning for a yacht. Come on, what you really want is a G650 so you can fly back-and-forth between LAX and YUL to enjoy sun + snow. What about Miami? Or better yet the Keys? Too many Burmese pythons I guess %P %O


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