Lament for a lost post

Grrr . . . I had just completed a post for this blog during my dinner break at work this evening when I lost every word of it.


Because I forgot that I was working on a Mac. I pressed the “control” key along with the letter “c” key thinking I would copy the post into my pasteboard as I do at home on my PC (a non-Mac), and the type disappeared. I tried to retrieve it. No luck. And wordpress had not automatically saved a copy.

Just where does the type go, anyway? There must be a folk song in this, a la: “Where have all the lost posts gone/long time passing . . .?

On a Mac to copy and hold something in your pasteboard, you are supposed to press the “command” and “c” keys . . .

Anyway, such is my luck today.

Will try again later.


— Jillian

8 thoughts on “Lament for a lost post

  1. Well, you know who you have to thank for this dear!? Ain’t competition grand. And the big 3 are still at it. It seems Taylor S though has managed to muzzle one beast. Wonder if Steve were alive what he would have done? Intriguing isn’t it.. Feel for thee though. Has happened so many times I’ve lost count .. with entire OS even. Luckily I understood BackUp very quickly %,


  2. I wouldn’t know – I have been building and using PC’s since the days of the Intel 8080 processor, but I have never touched a Mac.

    Does that make me a virgin?


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