I’ve had Fleetwood Mac’s classic Rumours album on vinyl all these decades, but haven’t played it for a while — because my old turntable and amp have been out of commission for about 10 years now.

Yesterday, as I was driving to work, I heard a cut from the album on the radio — Gold Dust Woman — and was reminded of just how great that album is. The DJ talked about it being one of the top-selling albums of all time.

So when I got downtown, I stopped in at the HMV Record store to buy a CD copy of the album. One of the store clerks, a handsome young man with long, flowing hair (sigh), smiled at me and said hello as I passed him in one of the aisles. I could see him keeping an eye on me as I searched for the album — ’cause I know he probably thought I was some sort of sexy gold dust woman with my sunglasses and all, ya know . . . but I digress. (winks)

When I found a copy of the album on CD and started walking toward the cash with it, the handsome young man with long, flowing hair (sigh) strolled over to me and said: “That album has sold 17 million copies!”

“So I’ve heard,” I told him — stupidly not thinking or mentioning that he take me for a coffee and tell me all about it.

There I go digressing again . . .

The point of this post is: This is now the second time I’ve bought this album. No doubt, many other people bought a copy on vinyl when it came out, then replaced it with a CD copy later.

So, OK, maybe it sold 17 million copies, but not to 17 million different people. It may very well be that 8 million people have done what I did, i.e. bought a vinyl version first, a CD version second. And God knows (maybe) how many cassette versions were sold, and digital downloads . . .

I suppose it doesn’t make any difference to the members of Fleetwood Mac and the record company: They’re singing all the way to the bank just the same.

But the “17 million” sales number is not all it might appear to be to some.

And that’s what the handsome young man with long, flowing hair (sigh) and I could have talked about over coffee . . .

Sigh . . .

(lightbulb moment)

Hey, I need a new copy of Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland!

Smiles . . .

— Jillian

P.S. No, this is not the lost post from yesterday.