OK, maybe the title of this post is exaggerating things a bit. Maybe the economic woes of Greece won’t spill over to its euro neighbours and, in falling domino style, to the rest of the world.

But maybe it will. On Monday, stock markets fell, and economists were nervous. The situation in Greece was headline news on some national newscasts. In Montreal, local Greek businesses with ties to the homeland are worried, apparently.

Clearly, a lot of people are worried around the world. One of the bricks in the wall is crumbling. What to do?

Personally, I have long held a vision of a day when all debt is written off — the debt of nations and that of individuals. After all, it is only numbers on paper — abstract numbers.

It is time to reset the world’s economic odometers, and overhaul the economy.

Yes? No? Ideas?

— Jillian