Donald Trump: Presidential campaign over?

Well, it’s looking like Donald Trump’s bid to become the president of the United States is over before it really got started.

Or is it?

Although several companies — NBC and Macy’s, among them — have been scrambling to cut ties with him since he stuck his foot in his mouth big time with what are being called derogatory comments about some Mexican immigrants, I wonder what the voters might be thinking?

Do some agree with him — that ‘some Mexican immigrants bring drugs and crime to the U.S. and are rapists.’ Trump made the comments during his presidential campaign kickoff speech last week.

When I spent time in Los Angeles and the San Diego areas many years ago, I was startled by the derogatory things people there were saying about Mexicans. I came away with the impression that a lot of people there resent Mexicans — and I wonder if Donald Trump is tapping into that resentment.

So, when it comes down to voting, do you think his comments will cost him, or help him?

And, is it too late for him to apologize?

— Jillian

8 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Presidential campaign over?

  1. Trump apologize? Bwaahaaaaahaaahaa.

    Why do you think we call the Republican candidates “The Clown Car”?

    Since Latinos make up 10% of the eligible voters, and they are concentrated in California, Florida and New York which represent a huge chunk of the electoral vote, and their participation rate is higher than the white vote, a candidate can’t win the general election without the support of their vote.

    The Republican Party platform has drifted more to the right every year since the Bush crime syndicate left office. They demonize the blacks, the hispanics, LGBT, all Muslims and anyone else that doesn’t look like them. They even have to rig the elections by making it more difficult for people who tend to vote Democratic to register to vote. (Low voter turnout favors the Republicans).

    And they wonder why they can’t win a national election.


  2. Mr. Bad Weave is an attention whore. I don’t think his campaign was all that serious to begin with. It provides a stage to project himself into the media with no cost to himself.
    To win the Republican nomination he’d need to pander to the religious right and the man carries a lot of baggage. He’s on wife number 3; after a few years he trades them in for a newer model. Also he’s Jewish and with his many affairs there’s gotta be an abortion in there somewhere.
    As long as he can get headlines, I think he’ll stay in the race. He can campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire relatively cheap so I think he’ll stay in for those 2 primaries.


  3. Before turning in for the night I did a quick look at the news.
    Front page of the morning paper, El País: “Donald Trump, el hombre más odiado del mundo” – Donald Trump, the most hated man in the world. I guess he made a big splash in the Spanish speaking world.


    1. If it walks Like a duck, quacks Like a duck, it’s a Duck! Goes to prove $$ can’t buy everything. And it doesn’t take “brains” to become rich. Thank G_d for Looney Tunes though. Where would be without Daffy Duck. I hope the Duck gets skewered on Social Media. Wonder if he’ll take it seriously though? But probably he’s bought Shares in the Stock. Isn’t Capitalism grand %O


      1. “Where would be without Daffy Duck. I hope the Duck gets skewered on Social Media.”

        Oh, no. We want the Clown Car to keep getting rolling. The more ridiculous the better. It makes finding an intelligent candidate from the circus even more of a challenge. As if it were even possible.


      2. Yeah, but the problem is the “cartoons” have leapt out of the Show to become real, live characters. And they’re are enough Looneys that just might back them. Or “real” Wile E. Coyotes who strap themselves up with dynamite or AR-15s %|


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