Nudism/naturism: Skinny dipping!

What is my favourite naturism activity: Skinny dipping in a cool Laurentian lake.

Smiles . . . Today I took my first naked plunge of the year into the lake. It was cold at first, but after a few minutes, it was glorious.

I bet a lot of people have gone skinny dipping and never considered themselves to be nudists/naturists. And once they swam in the buff, they probably never wanted to wear a swimming suit again.

Yet skinny dipping in a beautiful mountain lake is probably one of the ultimate acts of naturism.

So natural, so liberating.

Will you be skinny dipping this summer?

— Jillian

12 thoughts on “Nudism/naturism: Skinny dipping!

  1. Jealous. There’s no place near our home where we can go skinny dipping, and my wife isn’t adventurous enough do it at one of the ponds near us.


  2. There’s a State/Federal lake about an hour from us. It has several short and easy to hike trails that we like to hike nude. The nice part is there are several places that we can leave the trail and get down to the lake and take a refreshing skinny dip. Been doing it for years.

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  3. Not only do I plan to; I have several times already. I spend more time nude in our pool than I do clothed. One of the perks having a pool in the backyard and a privacy fence around it.

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