Lesson from a five-year-old

Well, I guess I will become a vegetarian again because, you know, when you think about what we humans do to animals, it kind of kills your appetite, and might even make you cry.

Like it did for the five-year-old in the video below, who became an instant vegetarian when she learned where meat comes from.

I was a vegetarian for many years, then went back to eating some chicken and fish. But this little girl made me cry . . . again . . .

Such innocence . . . like the animals she is crying for.

6 thoughts on “Lesson from a five-year-old

  1. I’m sure the Bushmen of the Kalihari or the Maasai would not agree with you; either for that matter the Inuit. The problem is not that we are omnivores but it is a Question of scale. That can be translated into greed. Something that the AFN ancestors knew very well. There once “was” 30 million buffalo that roamed the Great Plains of NA. We also now over-produce in agriculture and throw away 40% that is grown because of Wall St. This is the problem. We should be very careful of what we hand down to our children %@


    1. I know. But for many of us, we can make the choice now to be vegetarians. I sometimes feel like that child, though — if I think about the animals I am eating. But it is the nature of the material world, isn’t it . . .


  2. And btw the Chinese are voracious eaters of ..just about anything. If it will make “you” feel better than you should go ahead. I see though a Generation in NA who are more aware of what the husbandry is all about. And there maybe a gradual shift towards smaller operation(s) as it was before industrialized farming. Also Community gardening and the raising of livestock as a local commodity.Getting away from Agri-boards and Marketing institutions. Considering the curve though means it’s going to be a fight. imo, you personally do what you can because McDonalds, Burger King, T. Hortons, etc are not going to be going away anytime soon. At least in our life time


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