On the same wavelength?

Do you believe in telepathy? How about being on the same “wavelength” with someone? What about intuition?

I do believe we are all connected somehow in this vast energy field that is Earth, and possibly the Universe. How else to explain the following:

Last night as I drove home from the office, I started thinking about a high-school friend I haven’t seen or heard from in more than three decades. I wondered if she was alive or dead, and then I speculated she probably moved out of the province, to somewhere like B.C.

Cue the Twilight Zone theme song . . .

This morning when I opened my office email account, there was an email waiting for me sent by her last night with the subject line “Old friend?”. And she has moved to B.C.

When I told her by email I had been thinking about her last night, she responded: “We must have been on the same wavelength. I thought of you and tried to google your name …”

Coincidence? No freakin’ way! But who thought of whom first last night? (I dunno)

This is not the first time something like this has happened to me, and I am sure things like that happen to everyone — such as when you are thinking of someone and they phone you out of the blue minutes later.

But I’ve had far more serious cases of intuitive experiences, like the day I had a terrible feeling my boss was about to die, and he had a heart attack the following day and died on the bus. I don’t consider it a gift to gain that sort of insight — yes, it has happened before with other people.

None of this is coincidence, in my opinion. We are all manifestations of One universal energy, call it what you may, so it is no surprise that we are all linked and can feel each other’s sorrow and happiness — when we tune in, whether by chance or by design. As for seeing the future, such as seeing someone’s impending death, time is considered to be an illusion by many . . .


— Jillian



4 thoughts on “On the same wavelength?

  1. Absolutely. In one of our businesses, when monthly sales were a bit down, we would go through our customer list and intentionally “summon” business. We were rarely disappointed.


  2. I totally believe in intuition or being on the same wavelength.
    My first room-mate and I used to have the same ideas at the same time and finish each other’s sentences. We always seemed to be on the same wavelength.

    Now I often have intuitions about people and happenings; (usually chalk them up to coincidence,) but felt something was going to happen and did; or hear from someone when I have been looking for their number to call them. Most people don’t believe this.
    Did you ever try to remember a rarely used word/thing/subject about something in particular, but can’t for your life remember. Then in the following days, this subject keeps popping up continuously in different capacities. What is this called and why are you suddenly hearing it all the time, just when you are thinking about it the most. I think everyone must have some of these moments.
    Life would be easier if we followed our intuitions……….maybe………


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