Nudism/Naturism: Nudity banned, violence permitted

Photo by Jillian Page exclusively for and Turning the Page. No other reproduction permitted.
Why should the men in this picture be allowed to be topless in public but not the women? In fact, the women in this picture were allowed to be topless in public one Sunday in August 2014 at Mont-Royal in support of topless equal rights for women. Sylvie Chabot (centre, in white jeans) leads a march around the George-Etienne Monument on Mont-Royal as part of a Go Topless demonstration. (Photo by Jillian Page exclusively for

It seems sad in this modern age that women are still not allowed to go topless in public places where men are allowed to do so.

And it is sadder still that naturists/nudists are restricted to so few public places.

But one of the biggest hypocrisies in all of this — my friend Ted, the president of ONNO, points out — is the fact that while nudity is banned in so many public places and in prime time on television, violent programs and films abound on TV and in public cinemas.

Somehow, violence has been deemed to be OK by the censors, but showing the human body in its natural-born state is not OK.

Just sayin’ . . .

There will be Go Topless rallies around the world taking place on Aug. 23, including one in Montreal. It’s not about naturism/nudism, but you can be sure many naturists will be showing their support for women’s right to be topless in public places where men are allowed to be topless. It’s about equality.

If you are in the Montreal area and are interested in attending, check out the Go Topless facebook page.

— Jillian

7 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Nudity banned, violence permitted

  1. Unfortunately the media has so sexualized all parts of the human body to the point that if it’s exposed that person is surly looking for sex. When in reality common everyday nudity should be the norm both in private and public. To criminalize breast over violence is criminal in it’s self.


  2. Money is behind most of it. Hollywood,etc wants to keep it that, well, because..(cough) “sex sells” (cough). Ask James Bond. Beverly Hills, not to mention British House of Lords be .. %@


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