As my regular readers know, Sunday, Aug. 23, is GoTopless Day around the world, in which rallies will be held in many cities featuring women going topless and demanding the same rights men have to be topless in public places.

Also on Sunday, the annual Pride Parade will be held in the city of Ottawa — in Ontario, Canada — where it is legal for women to go topless in the same public places men can bare their chests.

I haven’t heard of any GoTopless Day rallies being planned for Ottawa, so why not have supporters do it at the Pride Parade, whether they are participants or spectators!

It seems the perfect occasion, because Pride is about equal rights for all citizens — and too many women around the world don’t have equal rights when it comes to Top Freedom. So what better way for Ontario women to show their support for women across Canada and around the world on Sunday.

— Jillian