Three stories with a common theme — i.e. “No kidding, eh?” — to report on this morning:

It turns out that the vast majority of Ashley Madison clients are/were males, according to one commentator on CJAD last week (sorry, I didn’t catch his name). Apparently, analysis of the hacked and leaked data by region shows that the percentage of male members was between 80 and 90 percent — which could be good news for the 10 to 20 percent of females there, but not so good for all the guys. So, this only bolsters my theory that most of the males there didn’t score.

There’s news that the scumbag terrorists trying to set up some sort of primitive and moronic Islamic state have been executing LGBT people, as many as 30. The United Nations is, apparently, alarmed by the number. Hmm. This comes as a surprise to people? The terrorists have been executing people willy-nilly, enslaving women for sex, teaching children how to kill etc. They have global ambitions of murdering just about everyone, with no exemptions for LGBT people. Haven’t they made that clear from the start?

And, finally, does it surprise anyone that Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costumes will be sold this fall? Some may already be available. I suppose you could see this coming — but I don’t think the Jenner folks did, though they should have. Of course, LGBT advocates are pretty upset about it . . . I’ve done a post for LGBT Perspectives about it all.

— Jillian