The word “secret” means “meant to be kept private, unknown or hidden from others,” among other things.

So why then have officials in the United States proudly announced to the media that they have launched a secret drone campaign to hunt ISIL leaders in Syria. Reports the Washington Post in an article on the Montreal Gazette’s website:

The CIA and U.S. special operations forces have launched a secret campaign to hunt terrorism suspects in Syria as part of a targeted killing program that is run separately from the broader U.S. military offensive against ISIL, U.S. officials said. The CIA and the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command are both flying armed drones over Syria in a collaboration responsible for several recent strikes against senior ISIL operatives, the officials said. Among those killed was a British militant believed to be an architect of the terror group’s effort to use social media to incite attacks in the United States, the officials said.

Are they assuming that the terrorist scumbags they are targeting can’t or don’t read?

Seems like the proverbial cat has been let out of the bag, and you can be sure the targets are thanking the United States for giving them the heads-up.

Just sayin’ …

— Jillian